Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Preschool


I can't believe it! Isaac is off to preschool! He is only 3 1/2 but is already brilliant (if I do say so myself). He knows his letters and letter sounds and I couldn't possibly keep him out of some type of school for another year. He can hardly stand to watch Libby and Ethan get on the bus in the morning. The bus driver thinks it's hilarious to watch Isaac stand at the door at wave and holler to Ethan & Libby.

Anyway, he was very excited for his first day and says he had so much fun!


We were so excited to find out Libby's preschool teacher was going to do preschool this year. She is a friend that is a teacher here locally and hasn't done preschool since Libby's class (3 years ago) because she was going to teach full time at the Charter School near by. Well, this year she got moved to Kindergarten and felt she had time in the afternoons to do preschool. Music to my ears! I don't think we'd have Isaac in preschool already if she wasn't doing it. But she is SO good. I would not be surprised if Isaac starts reading this year.

Oh, and I really enjoy the afternoons to myself ;)

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