Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brotherly Love

Okay, so last week I started a Positive Parenting Class at the Institute (cause who couldn't use a little parent pep talk every now and then hu?) Anyway, one of the things we talked about was the importance of siblings bonding together. That they are closer with siblings than school friends. **not that it isn't important to have friends**

Anyway, yesterday was just a wonderful, proud moment for me watching my boys.

Here's the story (and a lot of back story)
The kid's go to a year round school. One of the kids that goes to our bus stop always brings his Dog and Brother (who is a bit of a bully--well both boys are--the older one poked Ethan daily with a tack on the kindergarten bus last year) and Mom with baby (who is very tolerant of their wild behavior "boys will be boys").
They are on a different track than we are, so when they are on track break I have no problems at the bus stop. When they aren't on break, I try to avoid the bus stop. 1. they are mean 2. it is hard to control Isaac when he is running after their dog to pet it.
But yesterday, I didn't have any errands to run after the kids went to school, so I opted for the bus. Isaac brought a little toy with him to occupy him.

We get to the bus stop and there are the boys and dog--mom off talking with other moms. So we line up and the little brother starts asking--more like demanding--Isaac to give him a turn with the toy. Isaac, being the diplomatic 3 yr old that he his, ignores him and walks away. He stands by Ethan at the back of the line. The boy comes up to Isaac again and demands his turn. To which Ethan replies, "He doesn't have to! It is HIS"

I was only a few feet away, keeping a very close eye on the little bully's reaction--he stood there quiet, opening and closing his fist very slowly, then pushes Ethan hard so he falls over. I put my hand on the boys shoulder and said "No! that is NOT okay" He runs the 30 ft to his mom.

I couldn't hear if she said anything to him, but he did walk over to Isaac and said "Sorry". To which Isaac replied "You go tell Ethan sorry" And he did.

While I will go back to my avoidance of the bus stop for awhile, I was SO proud of my boys for standing up for each other.


This picture is from last winter (hence the snow boots).


Ruth said...

Way to go Ethan and Isaac! (And mom) That picture is so cute. They look very close.

The Robinsons said...

Wow! Someone needs to put that bully in his place - who knew a three year old could do it!