Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marley Mae

My niece, Marley, has been hospitalized since Saturday when she was feverish and cyanotic (just her lips were blue--does that word still apply?) Anyhoo the docs at Mammoth Hospital discovered she had sleep apnea and a UTI. The apnea would cause her resp. rate to tank at any given time as low as 8 breaths per min. (wikipedia says optimum resp. rate for an infant is 20-40 bpm)

They put her on antibiotics for the UTI and kept monitoring her breathing until they could get her transfered to a Children's Hospital with a specialist is apnea.

So finally, yesterday, after MUCH anticipation, they got transfered to Children's Hosp. in Orange Co. and were running some tests last night, including a sleep study and and ECHO. I'm anxiously waiting to hear any news...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Blessing in disguise??

Not sure if it's a great blessing or what...

Almost everytime I have time "off" (i.e. relaxation time, when I am not IN CHARGE of something, but there simply to relax and enjoy myself) I get sick. A cold, usually. And here it is, like clockwork. The first day of our 4 day weekend...and I am NOT Claritin clear. If the past is any indication, my nose will be redder than Rudolph's by the time Monday rolls around. And I will not be looking forward to getting back in the swing of things when school starts again on Tuesday. Especially since I've had no break! UGH!

The blessing part being that I'm NOT sick when I'm needed (getting kids off to school, and taking care of everything else). Better me than the kids I s'pose. Of course, they probably gave it to me. Those germy little hands at school...eeew!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Biggest Loser

So it's a new year which means I set ANOTHER goal to lose weight...

well, I must say that this year WILL be different because:

1. I got a Wii Fit for Christmas and I'm so competitive I get up every morning to try and beat my own score.

2. My SIL joined a BBL (Biggest Blogging Loser) group and she is NOT leaving me in the fatty zone--so I joined it too...

3. I want to win MONEY from the BBL group

4. I want Wade to take me to Hawaii

And don't even THINK of looking at my BL blog... TMI people, TMI ;) I will update you when I win though =)

You may wonder how I can focus on weightloss when I am into all this baking. That is my trick...I really don't crave it at ALL when I see it so often. It really doesn't even tempt me. Okay sometimes it does, but hardly ever. So I keep making it to keep me from wanting it. And give it to all my skinny friends to even out the playing field ;)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Set your DVR!

I am SO excited! The show I was raving so much about--"Lost in Austen" is coming to a TV near you this weekend! They will be showing the first 2 episodes on the 11th on Ovation TV--channel 274 on DirectTV. So check your schedule and don't miss it! It is so cute!