Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The joys of couponing

One of the things I LOVE about couponing is that I don't have to hit every sale...I actually took the last couple weeks off...didn't hit any of the sales, didn't even go to Albertsons for their double coupons (gasp!). We finally have enough of a stockpile built up, that it's okay if I'm not a super shopper every week and just get the fresh produce for a week here and there.

That being said, I did sneak off to Safeway today in hopes of hitting the Ziploc sale. The buy 4 containers and they are 1.99 each. Thankfully they were very well stocked, my purchases didn't even dent their inventory!

Here's how it turned out...

16- Ziploc Containers
6-Carefree Pantiliners
12-Vitamin Waters
Bunch of Bananas

Before Coupons, Doubles, & Club Card this would have cost $84.31

I spent $7.74 AND got back a $4 catalina for my next purchase.

The cashier even said, "Wow, will you teach me how to shop?"

Glad to see I haven't lost my couponing prowess after a couple weeks off!

Are you ready to learn yet?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


While Shellie & Devin were living with us, I got to experience fresh bread every week. So, after 2 months, I guess we got a little spoiled and can't seem to go back to store bought bread (bleh!). I had to continue on in the bread making...and thankfully-having it around all the time now, I don't feel the need to eat as much of it, since I know it is always there.Anyway, here's what it's like (Thanks Aunt Colleen for the FANTASTIC recipe!)

Someday I'll move on to making Wheat Bread, but for now, white bread is just SO yummy!

Ingredients you'll need to make 6 loaves:
6 C. (very warm-hot) water
1/2 C. + 1 Tbs. sugar
3 Tbs. salt
6 Tbs. oil (I use olive oil)
(Flour & Yeast--see below)

Mix in a very large bowl. Start adding a cup of flour at a time. After adding 3-4 cups of flour mix in 3 Tbs. instant yeast. And continue adding flour until dough is not sticky.

Let raise until double in size. Separate into buttered loaf pans (sorry no pic, I had to hurry out on an errand and got home just in time to bake em) Let raise again til double in size. Bake at 350 for 30 min.
Cool on wire rack, and enjoy!!! YUMMY, just in time for some fresh strawberry jam.
They actually turned out fairly evenly this time--except for the huge one in the back, that's my biggest pan.

I usually put 4 loaves in the freezer (if I don't give any away) and we end up making bread about every 10 days. It's very light and airy and just perfect if you ask me!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Strawberry Bandit

It must be strawberry season, because the strawberry bandit has been to our house. He eats part of the strawberry and leaves a little trail ... this time, I caught him before he finished ALL of them. Saved one for me. Good thing it was the biggest.

CAUGHT HIM! I heard Isaac in the next room saying "these strawberries are SO good!"