Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Always Be Prepared

So, this fabulous Parenting Class I've been taking...oh I wish you all could experience it. I leave feeling uplifted, encouraged, and full of great ideas to implement.

So here is one for you LDS mommies. With General Conference Weekend upon us, I have been preparing some Conference Notebooks for my kids to keep them busy (read quiet) and maybe help them pay attention during the sessions.

And if you go to http://www.sugardoodles.net/ they have some GREAT resources for any church thing you can think of practically. Also a good site is lds.about.com

The point we talked about for Sunday's and Sunday activities is for it to be DIFFERENT then the rest of the week. Let them color with markers on Sunday and crayons the rest of the week. On Sunday, watch home movies, but not the rest of the week.

I loved that these are ideas I can implement even though my sweet hubby & I aren't on the same page "church"wise. So, do what works for your family. I'm working on my conference notebook and will post pics when I'm done. TIP--best time to buy binders is during back to school shopping, otherwise they are ridiculously expensive and hard to find. So a family tradition was born--you get a conference notebook the fall conference after you finish 1st grade--cause they have to have a binder in first grade that they don't need for 2nd. So--there ya go--way to recycle right?


Wizzard_MoM said...

Hey Kari --

I like that you are so "eager" that you put together these things. I think of something but throw it together the day before usually. I'll have to check out the site.

By the way I tagged you come and check it out.

Whitney said...

Neat idea! BTW~ Can't wait to see you guys on Wed. Remember to bring cute outfits for the kids so I can take their pics!!