Thursday, September 4, 2008

My little garden

Okay, so this spring I wanted to plant a garden. I chose a square foot garden as to not get in over my head. I researched all the materials I'd need, decided what I would plant, and bought the supplies.

I got the seeds/plants planted by June. And enjoyed watching my little seeds grow. Well, nothing could quite prepare me for what I would get out of those little pumpkin seeds I planted...


Okay so over on the right you can see the box I used to plant everything in. It is a 4' square garden. The pumpkins were only planted in 1' square.

All I can say is, I'm glad I planted them in an outside square and not an inside one.

At last count I had 11 pumpkins growing. It is my most successful garden item. Apparently I'm growing baby carrots and 1 ear of baby corn ;)

better luck next year I suppose.

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Whitney said...

yay!! You joined the blogging world. :-) Love your little garden. At least now you don't have to buy your kids pumpkins this Halloween. ;-)