Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ethan turned 6!

Okay, Ethan was having a Spiderman party and I COULD NOT bring myself to pay the $20 for the Pinata at WalMart, it just didn't make sense to me to pay that much, pay to fill it with candy only to last 3 minutes till it rips to shreds. So I made my own! I used 2 soda fridge pack boxes, taped them together and wrapped with brown paper. I had the fridge opening of the boxes facing down, so it was like a 2-barrel pinata. The first side busted after everyone hit it twice, they cleaned up the candy, and then we had a whole other round of hitting before the 2 nd side gave way. I think it worked out great, and I didn't spend a dime on the pinata (just the candy).
Spiderman! You're laying down on the job! Apparently Buttercream is not his preferred habitat for optimal performance. Sadly, this was Spidey's only chance to prove himself as he succombed to the sharp, pointy teeth of our puggle later that evening. R.I.P Spidey.
We could barely get Ethan to put his pizza down long enough to blow out the candle!


Ruth said...

Thanks for the blog invite. I can't believe your kids are so big. And thanks for putting bubble shooter on. I am totally addicted!

Karilyn said...

Thanks. You and me both!!! I've beat it twice.