Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marley Mae

My niece, Marley, has been hospitalized since Saturday when she was feverish and cyanotic (just her lips were blue--does that word still apply?) Anyhoo the docs at Mammoth Hospital discovered she had sleep apnea and a UTI. The apnea would cause her resp. rate to tank at any given time as low as 8 breaths per min. (wikipedia says optimum resp. rate for an infant is 20-40 bpm)

They put her on antibiotics for the UTI and kept monitoring her breathing until they could get her transfered to a Children's Hospital with a specialist is apnea.

So finally, yesterday, after MUCH anticipation, they got transfered to Children's Hosp. in Orange Co. and were running some tests last night, including a sleep study and and ECHO. I'm anxiously waiting to hear any news...


Mama Rachel said...


I am praying for little Marley. What a scary thing for any parent! I'm so glad to hear that she's now in the Children's Hospital. We'll keep praying!

Rachel & crew

Tylynn said...

Thanks for the update. Breaks my heart to hear about her. Keep up the praying!

Jyl said...

we are praying for marley too, i cannot believe this.. what a trial, i am so sorry