Thursday, January 8, 2009

Biggest Loser

So it's a new year which means I set ANOTHER goal to lose weight...

well, I must say that this year WILL be different because:

1. I got a Wii Fit for Christmas and I'm so competitive I get up every morning to try and beat my own score.

2. My SIL joined a BBL (Biggest Blogging Loser) group and she is NOT leaving me in the fatty zone--so I joined it too...

3. I want to win MONEY from the BBL group

4. I want Wade to take me to Hawaii

And don't even THINK of looking at my BL blog... TMI people, TMI ;) I will update you when I win though =)

You may wonder how I can focus on weightloss when I am into all this baking. That is my trick...I really don't crave it at ALL when I see it so often. It really doesn't even tempt me. Okay sometimes it does, but hardly ever. So I keep making it to keep me from wanting it. And give it to all my skinny friends to even out the playing field ;)

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The Tomlinsons said...

Hey, its Rob Tomlinson Just checking out your blog. Fun!