Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

It's been here's the lowdown on what's been going on...

Wade's cousin, Devin (and his wife Shellie), visited last week while they did some job searching. We had a GREAT time with them and our fingers are crossed that they move here soon.

My computer was taken over by viruses and I had to wipe it all out and restore it to the factory settings (first of all--why did I not know the computer came with this disk? And secondly, should I pay myself for fixing my own computer?) I was VERY grateful to have been introduced to this website as I had started on their email program for emergency preparedness and backed up ALL my computer data not too long ago. So it was an easy decision to start all over. I had tried several virus scanners and they all FOUND the viruses but none of them seemed to get rid of them. So we are starting fresh. It's like spring for my computer. ;)

And as if I could get through one blog post without mentioning couponing... I have totaled up the amounts for January. (I of course had to download a new version of the savings tracker as I apparently didn't have the right version of Excel...urg!) So after re-entering all my receipts for the month.....

drum roll please......

I purchased $696.36 in groceries/toiletries in January

and only spent $185.19 !!!!

I saved over $500 in just ONE MONTH!

and THAT is what keeps me couponing!

After many requests from my family, I am going to attempt to post deals for them in the boonies of California to try to help them save money too. So, stay tuned!

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