Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am a Krazy Coupon Lady

Admitting it is the first step right? For a great 10 Steps to becoming a Krazy Coupon Lady, click here

Well, my hobby has now become an obsession. My little 1 inch binder was getting too small to hold my coupons, so I had to upgrade my storage system. I saw a cool binder here on A Thrifty Mom, and did a little search for one of my own. I found a cute pink one on ebay so I bought it. When it came on Monday I was a little surprised that is was more BRIGHT pink, but oh well.

So here is my fantabulous new coupon organizer

It has two separate sets of 3 rings with velcro tabs to secure the contents of each (LOVE IT!)So, I use regular page protectors, I printed off section headings onto cardstock (to give it more support) and then glued clear envelopes to the cardstock. I slip the cardstock inside the page protector and use the handy islice from pampered chef to slice slots in the page protector so I can slide the coupons through the page protector into the envelope.

You can also buy the baseball card sheet protectors--but I had these supplies on hand, so that is what I used.
Each week, I go through and plan out my trip to each store I plan to shop. (I'm a little OCD) So I write what I'm buying and write it all out so I can see it all laid out--how much I'm spending vs saving. I gather the needed coupons and paperclip them with my list and store them in the handy pocket in my binder.

Now, I haven't even taken my new binder shopping yet, so I can't tell you how it worked out.

I have the pages in order of how my grocery store is laid out, but I can foresee myself adding tabs to allow quicker access. I also have the food items and store pages on the right side of the binder and non food items on the left side.

Feel free to post questions, or if you want me to email my organizer pages.


Jessica said...

Holy cow, you are incredible! I wish we lived in an area with more coupons available.

Karilyn said...

You can still find a TON of printable coupons online too. And all I do is subscribe to the Sunday paper (2 of them actually) and there is at least one coupon insert in there each week. It all adds up after awhile.