Monday, June 15, 2009

How do YOU do Prescriptions?

My last few posts have either been about couponing or sickness, well this is about both!

I wasn't feeling my usual fantastic self on Thursday and could tell I was probably coming down with something. Isaac kept saying, "Mommy I don't feel so well"

Sure enough Friday morning I woke up with an incredibly sore throat. So I rounded the whole gang up and took us all to the Express Care we had gone to before. She lined up the strep tests and the whole row ended up POSITIVE again!!!!

She only charged me for 2 of us and wrote 4 prescriptions. (saved $110)

I didn't fill them right there at Albertsons, because I remembered I had 4 coupons for $25 gift card when you transfer a prescription to Rite Aid. I went home and called to make sure I could get the coupons to work and they said yes, but to just bring in the prescriptions to fill them.

So I took them in. They gave me a Prescription Savings card making each prescription only $8.99--well that is PER BOTTLE and the kids each needed 3!!! So they gave me each kid prescription for $12 + a $25 gift card.

I paid $42.99 for prescriptions and got $100 in gift cards! So even though I hate that we are sick again--at least I got a deal out of it right?
The dr. gave us each stronger prescriptions for longer to make sure we don't have to do this again next month. I did go out and buy new toothbrushes, color-coded water bottles-so they'd stop drinking from eachothers, and LOTS of Bath & Body Antibacterial Soap!

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