Friday, May 22, 2009

Had an hour to kill

I dropped my son off at preschool and headed over to Albertsons to do a little double couponing. (I know, I'm crazy) Anyhoo, I didn't get the paper the other day and missed out on some doubles, so I was figuring I'd just grab an ad in the store...WRONG they were all out. I happened to see a little booth set up for the newspaper guy to collect subscription orders. He asked if I had all the doubles I needed, I told him I didn't and he gave me a bunch! SWEET! He also hooked me up with a Sunday subscription for only $1/issue...which he said the newstand price is jumping to $2 June 1st I think.

Anyway, I did my shopping as planned--I had to do 2 trips to use the doublers the way I wanted to, but here is what I got:1st transaction:
2-Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce 10/$10 2.00
- MC $1/2 -1.00
doubled -1.00
Marshmallows, Hersheys, Graham Crackers 6.49
Promo -$3 when you buy all 3 -3.00
-MC $1 off crackers -1.00
doubled -1.00
Wheat Thins 1.47
-MC $1/1 -1.00
doubled -1.00
2-Bar S Hot dogs 1.98
MC $1/2 -1.00
Total= $2.30

Transaction #2
Marshmallows, Grahams, & Hershey's -- see above-- $1.49
2-Wheat Thins--see above-- OVERAGE -$1.06
2-Hot Dogs--see above--$0.98
Total= $1.74

Spent $4.04 on $47.64 worth of groceries!


Kim said...

Man...I need to learn how to shop like that!! I don't think I really get how to be a good coupon shopper. Great job!! Don't you LOVE saving money!!!

Ruth said...

I so want to learn to do this. I'm collecting coupons and trying to figure it all out, but it is a bit overwhelming. Great job!