Sunday, May 17, 2009

For good measure...

Okay, here's how the last part of my week went:

Libby had come home from school Tues. and started to not feel well. (She had a cough for about a week) Wed. she had a slight fever and hadn't improved by the next morning so I took her to an Express Care (inside Albertsons--so convenient) on Thurs. and she tested positive for Strep. The NP suggested I may want to get my other kids tested--of course I didn't have them with me though.

Isaac had a cough a week before Libby. He seemed to improve when she and Ethan came down with it. Well, Friday night, his cough really kicked back into gear, kept him (&me) up most of the night, by the toilet in case he gagged it all out. (TMI, I know) We slept in the LaZboy and by Sat. afternoon he wasn't feeling great and had a slight fever (like 99.9) so, we thought we might as well take him in too. The NP (different one, of course) started talking inhalers for his poor lungs and did a swab for strep just because Libby was positive. And guess what--positive! She suggested I bring Ethan back and get him tested (of course, he wasn't with me at the time--you think I'd learn, right?).

Ethan, who has the strongest immune system of all of them, and possibly the highest pain threshold, has been coughing a little bit, like 5-6 times during the whole day. Not enough that I would've taken him in on that alone. But the NP said she wouldn't charge us to get him tested, so Wade took him in to get tested....

POSITIVE! Can you believe it! I figured I should probably have gotten tested too, since I was taking care of the little sickies for 2 weeks, but of course, I wasn't there at this last appointment.

Oh well, at least I don't have to hear any complaining about why the non-sick ones can't have the bubblegum medicine...cause they ALL have it!

FYI--their throats were only barely red and NO watch those coughs and slight fevers.


The Scharnhorst Family said...

I am happy to know that I don't have the only kids that look forward to the bubblegum medicine. Ashely fake coughs and looks up at me and says I cough need pink medicine. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Breeze said...

Kari I swear we're living parallel lives sometimes. Lucky you only had three that tested positive. Well actually three of mine did too, and then we just treated the other two as well. But not one of my kids were feeling ill at all. Kaylee just mentioned it felt like something was in her throat and it wouldn't go up or down. I now think it was her tonsils slightly enlarged, but now they are all done with meds... it's crazy.

Well hopefully you'll get some sleep soon. :)

Michelle said...

Same thing for us! The doctor said, "No, they don't have strep." Then Monday morning they called back--yes, they DO have strep. NICE! Glad they're all enjoying the meds. :)