Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why not?

Okay, so I have a ton of stuff I should be doing...dishes, laundry (my washer broke) =(, cleaning up the toy explosion that IS my living room...the list goes on and on. But instead, I'm FINALLY updating my blog.

As many of you know, I volunteered to make a birthday cake for my Papa's 80th birthday bash. We're talking 150 people. So, I finally got some pics from mu lovely sister Cyndee. And here is how it turned out:


Here it is close up:

I got a ton of help from Beki & Ricky, and supposedly Ricky didn't ever want a piece of cake ever again...until we cut it anyway LOL.

It was so great to see almost all of my cousins again, some I haven't seen in 10 years!


and of course, spending time with my sisters (Lots of time with Beki over the 20 hours we drove together)


Happy Birthday Papa! And thanks to Yoni for taking such good care of him!



Jyl said...

Kari! I am so proud of you, that cake is amazing.,... more than amazing... Unreal! You are so very talented, and talent makes me misty... LOL, yes its true. Happy b-day to your Papa!

Wendy said...

That cake is awesome!!! I love being able to be creative in that way. My baby boy who will turn 2 in about a week needs a fun cake and I'm still thinking about what to make for him. It's fun . And happy Bithday to your POPPY!!!