Sunday, April 26, 2009

Out of left field

For those of you who don't know, been curious, or are bored at work and need something to read...this is what is happening with the Williams'.

We are moving to Portland, OR.

Almost a year ago, Wade got a "head-hunting" letter from a Miracle Office in Oregon/Washington offering interviews for positions. At the time, he was looking for something as his current boss was making unrealistic requirements. He drove out to the area where the opening was and didn't like it, he also happened to get an interview for a place here in the Boise area and happened to get that job. So we of course, stayed here.

Over the past month or two, his position has been less and less stable. Even though he often outsells his boss, they can't fire her when they are in jeopardy of going under, Wade would be the one let go...a fact that is often made clear.

Well, on Tuesday, Wade got a call from the M.E. offices in Oregon to see if he would be entertain the idea of a job in the Portland area. We talked it over and decided we might as well give it a chance, see if he gets offered the job, whatever. So we called and told them that Wed. Thursday, they called to offer the job!!

We drove out there on Friday night with the kids and spent Saturday talking to the boss, looking at the office/area, and drove home on Sunday. All week we've been talking to friends/family that know the area to find out pros/cons (thank you to you all!) and decided it is a great opportunity, that we just can't pass up.

As much as we love Meridian/Boise, we've never really felt like this is where we would be for the duration--everything has really fallen into place for us to accept this job and we hope to have many visitors!

We will definitely miss all our good friends we have made here...I can't even think about it or I'll get all misty...

Right now the plan is for Wade to start end of May/June 1st and I will follow after the kids get out of school in June. So, schedule your "Kari time" now- ;)


Michelle said...

Woah--amazing! Congratulations! and I hope this means you can still come to the reunion . . . :)

Jyl said...

Holy cow... well that beats Idaho... LOL... jk, well good luck! you will do amazing there with your cakes and cute family!