Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of my favorite things about living in Oregon...BERRIES!!! At church, we were able to order berries in bulk...I just picked up by 40lb. bucket of strawberries (sliced and all!!) and just have to share what you can do with 40 lbs. of fresh strawberries.

Shellie came over and we made strawberry Jam galore!

We ended up with:
8 - quart bags of sliced strawberries to freeze
10 Cups of Strawberry syrup
18-Pints of Strawberry Jam
and 6 cups of sliced strawberries to eat

and it only took us about an hour. I am LOVING the pre-sliced strawberries!!


Mama Rachel said...

YUUUUMMM!!!!!!!!!! Way to go, you domestic goddesses! :-)

Jyl said...

your amazing!