Saturday, October 17, 2009

Couponing Step 4--Stockpiling

4. Stockpiling

4.1. Storing your stockpile—It’s a good idea to keep your stockpile foods in air tight bins so as to prevent them attracting unwanted pests.

4.1.1. Check the date! I arrange my stockpiled cereals and crackers by date so I am sure not to overlook expiration dates.

4.2. Stock up, but don’t buy more than you’ll eat/need

4.2.1. What in the world are you going to do with 20 bottles of BBQ sauce? Some things just aren’t logical to have an endless supply of, especially if they expire within a year. Of course, you can also donate the free/cheap items to a food bank.

4.3. Know what a good stock up price is

4.3.1. It’s a good idea to keep a price list so you know what you are willing to pay for certain items and when it’s a good deal. For instance, I know that I will not pay more than $1/box of cereal—NAME BRAND. The idea of stockpiling is to stock up now when it’s on sale so you don’t have to pay full price+ when you need it. I was able to stock up on Peanut Butter this summer for $0.24/jar (using a sale + coupons). I have enough Skippy Peanut Butter to make it through the school year.

4.3.2. PYP has a printable shopping list that rates each item in the ad with stars…the 4-5 star items are the best deals. So if you aren’t sure what a good price is, you can check the items on the list to start with.

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